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Episode 4 Bioshock Infinite

Brandon and Ellis work their tangenty magic on a new episode of BE Radio, covering some of the basics of what made Bioshock Infinite one of their favorite games in years.

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Heard on todays show:

  • Contemporary music of 80s hits
  • Ken Levine and his favorite YouTube video (http://youtu.be/8qXDOejdids)
  • Vigorous Vigors
  • Heavy Hitters that gave you pause
  • Cliffhangers and spoilers
  • Babies shouldn’t play violent games

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Get Involved!

This weekend we have a few plans for recording, but one of the main ones is Bioshock Infinite. Contact us via: email, twitter, facebook, or through the comments on the blog, and tell us what your favorite parts were, the things that confounded you most, or the parts that you had a debate about. We have all played it here at the BE Studios in North Hollywood, CA and have been talking about it since the release. Come join the conversation!



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