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Episode 7 – Yeezus

Upon the release of his Sixth full length Solo LP, Kanye West strikes a chord with the audience. His polarizing, Rick Rubin-ized, stripped down effort to combat the eyes of his corporate oppressors and reinvent his voice once again, is heard and relayed to you through the words of your friendly neighborhood podcasters. Come with us on he journey of Yeezus.

Click here to listen!https://beradiobe.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/be-radio-13-06-19-yeezus.mp3

Heard on today’s episode:

  • Yeezus Walks
  • The great debate: Yeezus vs. Graduation
  • The community sounds off!
  • NY Times and the interview that sparked the podcast.
  • Rick Rubin and his Sneakerizing of the music industry.
  • Stripping down with Ye.
  • Ellis is a Bridge Troll.
  • The Roboreview w/ Robyn.
  • Crowye West… CAW!

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Tonight we will be recording a podcast on the new Kanye West album Yeezus. We want to hear your thoughts on the album, thoughts on Kanye, questions, comments or criticisms on the Podcast so far.

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