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Episode 8 – The Catch Up Catch All

The reunion of B and E after a long weekend of ups and downs, one full week later and you get a taste of the ER followed by Sneaker shopping and Six Flags Magic Mountain.

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BE Radio 2013.06.26 Catch Up Catch All

Heard on todays episode:

  • Ellis’ no good very bad ER visit.
  • Oh Ronnie…
  • Kidney Stones and the backiotomy.
  • Shout outs to the fam.
  • Alttab Radio because we said so… @alttabradio
  • Twitter fam: @Trew_Music “My T-Shirt”, @BerokoffBall and the UCSB Tourney, @jfeandco and Natty Rico, @C4Dunk and much much more.
  • Sneakerheads at Magic Mountain.
  • Chuck’s Birthday and the birthday adventures.
  • Youtube.com/jeffdaddy12
  • The Platinum Flash Pass and more money than you would ever expect…
  • Outro with Trew Music – My T-Shirt (soundcloud.com/trewmusic)



Episode 7 – Yeezus

Upon the release of his Sixth full length Solo LP, Kanye West strikes a chord with the audience. His polarizing, Rick Rubin-ized, stripped down effort to combat the eyes of his corporate oppressors and reinvent his voice once again, is heard and relayed to you through the words of your friendly neighborhood podcasters. Come with us on he journey of Yeezus.

Click here to listen!https://beradiobe.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/be-radio-13-06-19-yeezus.mp3

Heard on today’s episode:

  • Yeezus Walks
  • The great debate: Yeezus vs. Graduation
  • The community sounds off!
  • NY Times and the interview that sparked the podcast.
  • Rick Rubin and his Sneakerizing of the music industry.
  • Stripping down with Ye.
  • Ellis is a Bridge Troll.
  • The Roboreview w/ Robyn.
  • Crowye West… CAW!

Hit us up and let us know!



Weekend Complete

We had a great weekend over here at the BE Radio studios. New ways to contact us, new episodes coming every week (maybe more). Better focus and better quality.

The purchase of our new audio equipment is almost fully complete. With only the need for one more mic for our Producer, we are currently up and running at the top of our audio ability.

New equipment means better sound quality in episodes, which we have two in the can at the moment ready to be polished and published to our site… and as more episodes are published, iTunes feeds for our podcasts will soon be available!

Now to the really fun stuff!

We have an upcoming show about Bioshock Infinite that we are outlining this week to record next week as a special episode. We won’t cover the whole game but there will be spoilers, and we want to know what your favorite parts were, if you had questions, or if you simply wanted to put in your two cents. With that being said…

We have been working more with our social media footprint and now have MANY ways to contact us, which we highly recommend. You and your questions will be taken to the air, we will be active in social media as much as possible so follow us at:



or email us at:




Follow, Like, Share, Message, E-Mail, Post, Question, enjoy!

Thanks for listening, and remember


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