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Episode 9 – The Weekend BEView

Recap of the weekends festivities, E brings us up to speed on Santa Barbara Bro and the High Rise Escapades, followed by a concert and some B and E Work Vitriol.

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BE Radio 13.07.02 Weekend BEView

Heard on todays episode:

  • Santa Barbara Bro
  • ELMO Coach round up
  • Shout outs
  • Freeb!rds
  • Dorm Life
  • Lack of H2O and surplus of standing
  • The High Rise
  • Looking down on others
  • Soulja Boys fake penthouse area
  • Almost missing Anberlin
  • The awesome weekend being destroyed by work
  • Go visit GameRevolution.com!
  • jiffypoprevolution.wordpress.com is still a thing…



BE Radio Launch


So, it’s Sunday May 26th and we just finished sharpening the dull knives we call our first episode. There’s still a lot of way to go before this is where we want it, but it gives you an idea of where we are going.

Things mentioned on todays show:

  • The Black Echidna
  • Where we came from LA to the ATL
  • SEGA vs Nintendo
  • Gaming with loved ones / Ninja Gaming
  • Bioshock Infinite
  • Sneakerheads (Jordans and Foamposites)
  • Name dropping and the Acura MDX
  • WWE
  • The Iron Sheik Roast
  • The video game industry
  • ET and the 2600
  • Marty Quinn
  • Ellis’ obscure gamer brother
  • and much much more…

“I believe the children are our future…”

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