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Episode 8 – The Catch Up Catch All

The reunion of B and E after a long weekend of ups and downs, one full week later and you get a taste of the ER followed by Sneaker shopping and Six Flags Magic Mountain.

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BE Radio 2013.06.26 Catch Up Catch All

Heard on todays episode:

  • Ellis’ no good very bad ER visit.
  • Oh Ronnie…
  • Kidney Stones and the backiotomy.
  • Shout outs to the fam.
  • Alttab Radio because we said so… @alttabradio
  • Twitter fam: @Trew_Music “My T-Shirt”, @BerokoffBall and the UCSB Tourney, @jfeandco and Natty Rico, @C4Dunk and much much more.
  • Sneakerheads at Magic Mountain.
  • Chuck’s Birthday and the birthday adventures.
  • Youtube.com/jeffdaddy12
  • The Platinum Flash Pass and more money than you would ever expect…
  • Outro with Trew Music – My T-Shirt (soundcloud.com/trewmusic)



Possible delay

Just a heads up, with B having family in town, and E recovering from a 2am ER trip on Friday night, there wasn’t any recording over the weekend. Although we are trying to give you more “day of” recording content, it may be difficult to put together with all of the other conflicts. We will keep you all as informed as possible. Thanks for listening.



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