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Episode 19 – BE Wed

The BE Radio Wedding special,

In this episode we hear the story of love and life between two of the three BE members. How they meet, to how they get married, it’s quite a ride.

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Heard on todays episode:

  • With the wedding now almost three months behind us, we finally get the recap.
  • Motherly set-ups
  • Moving west
  • A New Mexican showdown
  • And much much more…



(Hopefully the episode is fully operational… there were a lot of issues because it’s a long one… ba dum bum)


Episode 6 – Tall Tales Vol. 1

Carrying over from E3, our caped crusaders throw a “Catch All” episode together. Tall Tales is an installment of BE Radio that covers the stories and adventures that Ellis has experienced through his years working the door at an after hours hip hop club, and his stint living in Thailand.

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Heard on today’s episode:

  • The world of underground hip hop clubs
  • Ray J’s amorous advances to Ellis’ calf muscle
  • Lil Jon and the literal sense of his name
  • Suge Knight and the Sweetness Afternoon
  • Bigger isn’t always better… But it does help
  • The forearm shiver and why you won’t be coming in tonight

Have a listen.



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