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Episode 11 – Sleepy Time Jay Z

Finally back together at BellReed Studios in North Hollywood, the trio puts together a late night snack episode, to cover the bases from the week and a half passed. Jay Z’s Magna Carta gets a quick review while Ellis gets his kicks from the Soundboard.

Click here to listen!

BE Radio 13.07.17 Sleepy Time Jay Z

Heard on todays episode:

  • Fighting through sleep
  • A week and a half vacation
  • Soundboard hilarity
  • Jay Z’s Magna Carta
  • Ellis gets duped by a solid album
  • It’s too late to apologize
  • Upcoming Trew Music exclusive
  • Plug Club for your ears
  • Go visit GameRevolution.com!



Jay-Z / Magna Carta Holy Grail

I was just handed an early release of Magna Carta… Expect a full show on Hova and the new album. Rumblings are good… first listens are even better. I’ll be done with the album by the end of work. Can’t wait to drop a new episode.



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