Episode 14 – Brandon Takes the Board

In today’s episode, Brandon steals the Soundboard and gives Ellis a taste of his own medicine while he tries to explain his weekend of a decade old drinking date, Hollywood Babble-On with @Bowcaster01, the Pretty Good Podcast Beach Party and struggling for sleep. Also the talk of Instagram stalking comes up.

Click here to listen!


Heard on todays episode:

  • Brandon’s hands get sticky
  • Soundboard stealing
  • TPeezy and the world of horrible nicknames
  • Exist Elsewhere, Bowcaster and Berokoff Ball shout outs
  • A night out with friends/a decade under the Bar
  • Hollywood and the Babbling of Ralph and Kevin
  • Ellis’ Instagram dilemma
  • What would we do without Robyn
  • Plug Club for your ears
  • Go visit GameRevolution.com!
  • And much much more…



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