Episode 3 Fast 6

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Alright everyone, the second of our two episodes from the weekend! Here we are with Episode 3… The boys of BE bring us to the movies with Brandon’s breakdown of Fast 6, and Ellis’ general breakdown

Click here to listen!

Heard on todays Episode:

  • Brandon Goes to the Movies
  • “Jeremy Lin?”
  • Marvel Endings
  • Michelle Rodriguez (the one note actress) and her angry angry face
  • Is this going to be the one without cars? Find out!
  • High Precision Drivers
  • Traffic congestion in London and Suspension of Reality
  • “Are you sure it’s not Jeremy Lin?”
  • The Full Pardon and the life of crime in their blood
  • More Jeremy Lin talk… this is happening
  • Telekinetic protagonists
  • Getting shot by your supposed to be dead ex
  • Paul Walkers unconsolable guilt
  • Muscly babies
  • Burying the lead with Gina Carrano
  • The difference between Tatyana Ali and Layla Ali
  • On Air Producer Fights!
  • Michelle Rodriguez vs. Gina Carrano ding ding
  • Firecracker racism
  • Not Jeremy Lin…..?
  • Juwancheeze? Yellowhy?
  • NOS Tanks
  • Chalize Theron… DONE!

Thanks for listening!



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